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Dulux Trade High Gloss

Dulux Trade High Gloss is a solvent-based finish suitable for the protection and decoration of most interior and exterior surfaces where a durable high gloss finish is required.

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Application information

Coverage up to 18m2

Touch dry
≈ 6 Hours

Thinning not generally required

Key benefits

Tough durable finish

Excellent flow out of brush marks

Will withstand repeated washing

Good opacity / coverage

Resistant to mild chemical fume attack

Can be used on heated surfaces e.g. hot water pipes and radiators

Pack sizes

1, 2.5 and 5 Litre.

System information

To get the best results, ensure surfaces to be painted are sound, clean and dry (new surfaces particularly must be fully dry). See Dulux Trade Datasheet 403 for full information before use. Before surface preparation, read the Health & Safety information about old lead paints. STIR THOROUGHLY BEFORE USE. Apply 1 coat of the appropriate coloured Dulux Trade Undercoat, followed by 1 or 2 coats of Dulux Trade High Gloss. Allow a minimum of 6 hours for the undercoat to dry before applying the gloss finish. Where a second coat of Dulux Trade High Gloss is required, allow a minimum of 16 hours between coats. For best colour consistency, purchase sufficient tinted paint for each job including touch-in at one time from the same source. Whilst leading-edge technology has been used in the development of this product, the nature of white solvent-based paints means that they will all discolour over time. The rate of discolouration is faster on areas with no or low natural or UV light. For long-lasting whiteness, we recommend the use of a water-based formulation such as Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss. After use, remove as much paint as possible from brushes before cleaning with brush cleaner.