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Colour is an essential part of our day-to-day surroundings. We use colours in different ways in almost everything we do. Colours can help facilitate and fulfill basic needs.

Colours evokes emotions, liven up spaces, adds elegance and creates ambiance. An individual’s personality can also be determined based on colours used in their personal spaces.

At CAP plc, manufacturers of Dulux, the number 1 paint brand in Nigeria, we recognize the power of colours and continually seek ways to add colours to people’s lives.

Which is why during this Christmas period, CAP plc has announced the Dulux Colour Me Xmas Bonanza which enables our customers get their spaces painted at discounted rates. The Dulux Colour Me Xmas Bonanza affords customers the opportunity to get surfaces painted by the Dulux professional team.

Exciting emulsion colours on offer include Alibi, Magnolia, Natural Hessian, Jasmine White, Buttermilk, Calabash, Soft Truffle, Sorbet, Mineral Mist, Wellbeing etc.

You can call Careline on 08159493070 to know the Dulux outlet closest to you or visit



Dulux ColourMe offer