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All the colours schemes below are ideal with our range of exterior paints.http://www.duluxnigeria.com/products/product-range/exterior

Using Cream

A beautiful soft cream is the perfect masonry colour for your home. Make a bold regal statement by painting your front door a deep blue.

Colour scheme

40yy 83/107 Oxford Blue

Using Neutrals

Choose a textured neutral to create a beautiful classic exterior finish. Add country charm with a warm muted green front foor.

Colour scheme

Jasmine White 10gy 30/104

Using Neutrals

Protect your home with this beautiful sandy shade, and complement it with a modern grey. Add interest by painting your door a different colour from your frame to give a simple but stiking effect.

Colour scheme

Sandstone 30bb 16/031

Using Orange

This earthy shade works brilliantly with with a warm grey. Painting your architectural features white adds definition.

Colour scheme

60yr 31/368 30bb 16/031

Street Style

These softer, more traditional shades look great on terrace or semi - detached homes, where the cohesive of the street is important. Add a stamp of personality with a bolder front door colour. Pair a classic blue with a softer masonry shade, and try an off white for window frames to keep the look subtle.

Colour scheme

Mercury Shower 1 Steel Symphony 1

Using Red

Traditional Brick Red creates an enchanting home and looks striking against healthy foliage. Highlight period features and balance the look with soft creams.

Colour scheme

09yr 11/475 40yy 83/107

Royal Entrance

A regal shade of glossy mulberry adds a sense of personality. Perfect for traditional properties with sandy tones, or up the luxe factor the front door of a modern build. Ensuring your garden is filled with evergreen plants that contrast with the mulberry creates a dynamic look that you can enjoy all year round.

Colour scheme

Mulberry Burst Sandstone

The blue house

Add some kerb appeal with a gentle blue to create an elegant coastal style.

Colour scheme

99bg 62/159 00nn 53/000