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ColourFutures 2016: To find out more about this year's trends, the colour of the year and to view please visit www.colourfutures.com.

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There is a sense that by appreciating one’s history, both as a person or a company, we build value and become more fully shaped and prepared for designing the future.


Translated into a colour palette, we see the reds that reflect our rich heritage, but also have a bright contemporary feel that points to the future.

10YR 21/436 10YR 27/323 60YR 31/368 20YY 38/225 80YR 83/035 18YR 05/072 50YR 16/127 70YR 31/135 50YR 47/057 50YR 65/056



The trend for words can also be seen in the use of lettering in interior design and architecture; but rather than words and images being in opposition, one completes the other.


The corresponding colour palette uses the blue of ink and grey of graphite in contrast to tones familiar with smartphone and social media filters.

00NN 83/000 90BB 67/069 30YR 64/044 30RR 22/031 70BB 15/081 40YY 67/196 70YY 57/098 50GG 63/042 70BG 56/061 90BG 42/106



One of the key trends for 2016 is the importance of darkness. Research has proven how important it is that we have a restful sleep, to recharge and regroup without the disrupting influence of light. Just as we need darkness in order to see the stars in the night sky more clearly, the Dutch masters of the 17th century showed how their techniques at capturing lustre and the play of light was best portrayed in contrast to dark hues.


Many of the colours in this palette blend seamlessly together, recalling the tones of both dusk and dawn during the ‘golden hour’.

10YY 23/261 45YY 11/200 18YR 05/072 30BB 05/022 50GG 05/063 30GB 72/017 70BB 15/081 46RB 06/074 50BB 08/171 90BG 08/075



We are increasingly seeing the appeal of going ‘off grid’ in order to find oneself in the modern world. But it’s impossible to talk of going back to the wild and living offline without a frame of reference. We need boundaries in which to live, even if we seek to rebel against them; freedom is only understandable within the context of a framework. Or, to put it another way: you can’t break the mould if you don’t have a mould in the first place.


The use of organic forms in product design is another case of allowing the imagination to flourish by not feeling bound or restricted by grids. Hence the colours in this palette are vivid and playful, yet still held back by the black and white of the grid.

10BB 83/017 30YY 41/700 50YR 32/460 70YR 56/190 53RB 76/067 30BB 05/022 90BG 42/106 30BG 43/163 60YY 55/504 30YY 56/060