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Colour of the Year 2017

Steel Symphony 2, Dulux's Colour of the Year 2017

Steel Symphony 2 is a versatile colour, fitting into all interior styles, whether you seek a restful bedroom, cosy living room or a smart hallway.

We have chosen Dulux Steel Symphony 2 as the colour that encapsulates the mood of the moment. It is the colour of our every day – the sky above us, the clothes we wear. It is a sign of the times, a colour of the times and as of this year, the colour to paint on our walls. So get your brush ready to dip into Steel Symphony 2, our Dulux Colour of the Year 2017, as identified by our international body of specialists – each handpicked from their own respected field of design.

Read below and discover how easily Dulux Steel Symphony can transform your home into a stylish expression of any one of our new Colour Futures Trends!

ColourFutures 2017: To find out more about this year's trends, the colour of the year and to view please visit any of our Colour Centres pan Nigeria.



In a world where we have everything we could wish for, memories are far more important than belongings. Considered Luxury captures a new way of living; a new consumerism in which value is placed on experience rather than possessions. Creating memories that are priceless is our priority as we look at the world with fresh eyes, not adding clutter but experiences instead. And translated this trend to the beautiful palette below.

How to create a sensory experience

Broad horizontal wall stripes make a room feel more spacious. When painting stripes, always use the lighter color as the base and allow to dry. Then measure and tape the walls before painting the darker color. The trend of turning away from the material to focus more on sensory experiences is gathering momentum. This pared-back palette truly reflects this new focus.

90YR 48/062 40YY 60/103 00NN 72/000 59BB 81/022 90BG 30/073 30GY 83/043 68YY 86/042 50YR 83/015 10RB 74/038 00NN 62/000



We feel a connection to nature. A responsibility to take care of the world, to be sustainable in every way. Take part in the barter economy, re-use products. We have an increasing interest in health and responsibly grown food and more of us than ever are trying to grow our own. Re-use your furniture by re-painting it, check the colour swatches below to visualize your color options of this beautiful palette.

Lush living

If your home is your sanctuary, you’ll enjoy applying these cool wall colours to create a calm, inviting mood. Offset the natural tones of Steel Symphony 2 , our Color of the Year 2017, with this bold purple in Dulux Moon Waves 2. Then blur the lines between indoors and outdoors by using a variety of lush plants and botanical elements, like these wicker accessories.

46RB 06/074 70GG 13/323 50GY 57/096 70RR 41/065 50GY 06/077 90YY 13/177 90GY 63/047 70YY 46/053 50BB 26/105



Research by Dulux showed a desire to hold onto individuality, while being part of something bigger: sharing, collaborating, caring and helping. The palette below has a fresh, playful mood which is ideal for reflecting this, it’s perfect for creating a shared space to enjoy together. Cities are growing, demographics and social settings are changing, and so the importance of having a sense of belonging and being part of a group is increasingly relevant.

Discover the bright side of Steel Symphony 2!

Using a shared palette allows you to create pockets of individuality that work together to create decor cohesion. How do you make the walls of a shared home reflect the individual personalities within?

It’s all about warm, welcoming colours working together. This palette has a bright lime Dulux Tarragon Glory 5, a soft fresh pink Dulux Party Surprise 5 and a lively coral cerise Dulux Silken Sunrise 1, but put it alongside the calming influence ofSteel Symphony 2 and you capture all the character, without compromising your overall decor look.

90BG 30/073 30BB 45/015 10YY 64/048 70RR 64/034 10RR 75/039 90RR 27/440 66YY 61/648 10YY 49/378 50YR 44/287 30YR 25/463



The boundary between work life and personal life is shifting, so we seek a more balanced way of living and working. The home has become an office, and offices are becoming more like homes as we are living 24/7 lives. We need beautiful places to work at home, and new inspiration for how to do this. Dulux has developed this rich beautiful colour palette to help you create different zones in the home.

A colour palette for work and play!

Contrasting colours are your best tools in creating the right home space that inspires work and play. In a world of smartphones and tablets, this need for a ¬flexible working space – in cities or country retreats – is ever relevant.

Try the masking tape feature within the visualizer app to create a two tone wall such as this dining room in Dulux Dusted Moss 2 and Dulux Steel Symphony 2. Finish the look with a strong graphic line and repainted pendant lamps in Dulux Night Jewels 1.

30BB 05/022 90BG 30/073 10GG 53/030 40YY 51/084 40YY 25/074 50BB 18/216 40YY 34/446 60YR 64/038 70YR 27/404 30YR 14/365